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Interviewing Tips


  • Research the latest news on the company; go to the company’s website familiarize yourself with the firm/institution.
  • If you’re not familiar with the company location, it’s a good idea to do a test drive or map out your route a day or so before the interview.
  • Review the job description and compare it with your background and experience
  • Prepare a few questions you would like to ask about the company and position.
  • Bring copies of your resume which should be the same as the one you used to apply for the position.
  • Know what your strengths and weaknesses are.


The Interview

  • Dress professionally; first impressions are lasting
  • Your conduct should be professional beginning with a firm hand shake; look at the interviewer directly; smile – it helps break the ice
  • Interviewers want to be sure they’re making the right hire so it’s important to emphasize your accomplishments; that would let them know what you are bringing to the table.
  • Answers to questions should be direct and should be relevant to what the client needs
  • Be prepared to give examples of how you solve problems and to talk about anything that’s on your resume.
  • Do not say anything negative about past employers even if you have a burning desire to do so.
  • Be prepared to ask for the job; let the interviewer know that you are interested and want the position
  • Before you leave ask what the next steps are. Ask for the interviewer’s business card so you can get the correct spelling and contact information for follow up.


Follow Up

  • Write a thank you email or letter to the interviewers the day after the interview

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